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For 47 years, NUDELL ARCHITECTS has been responsible for creating and implementing store designs that took global/national Brand Images from its products into its stores. Not only did NUDELL ARCHITECTS design the look of each flagship facility to expertly reflect the clients brand, they also created program guidelines on how to implement the new changes for hundreds of stores around the world. Some of these programs were JCPenney Box B Stand Alone Program, The Ford International Facility Design Guide and the Lincoln-Mercury Signature Dealership Design Process Program. Extensive research went into creating the design criteria which contributed to breakthrough and positive effects on customer satisfaction.   NUDELL ARCHITECTS has also worked with many clients that have an established brand image design program and assisted in their roll-out programs, making sure each space was adapted for site specific design guidelines and that each interior space matched consistantly with their brand image guidelines. Some of those clients include Little Caesers Pizza, Costco Wholesale, Kroger Supermarkets and JPMorgan Chase.     

The Ford Auto Collection 




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