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Are you looking for an architecture firm that specializes in automotive dealership design?

NUDELL ARCHITECTS has been designing Car Dealerships and Automotive Facilities for more than 44 years.  Combined with our retail design experience, we help create the most innovative and customer friendly  environments for our clients and their customers.   If this is the time to renovate or expand your existing dealership facility or build a new automotive facility, NUDELL ARCHITECTS can provide any and all Architectural Services that you require to update your car dealership, showroom design and/or service department. Services we provide include everything from conceptual design to construction documents. We are also known for creating prototypical car dealership designs and managing roll-out programs on a global scale. For more information regarding our services and how we can help with your car dealership, showroom and/or service department , call us at 248-324-8800 or email us at information@jhn.com   

Is your dealership customer friendly?

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NUDELL ARCHITECTS - Offices in Michigan and Florida 

Phone: 248.324.8800 ... Email: INFORMATION@JHN.COM 


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